I’m sure this is one tweet Dean McDermott wishes he could take back. But it happened innocently enough, as McDermott decided to share some innocent family photos with his fans on his birthday.

He tweeted a photo of his son Liam, but what he didn’t realize was that Tori Spelling was topless in the background. I’m not sure why she was topless, but it appeared she was lounging topless with her breasts exposed.

Fans quickly alerted Dean and the tweet was removed, but with the Internet being the never forgetful beast that she is, the image is now immortalized for all eternity.

I guess it’s very easy to forget that your wife is topless sitting next to your almost 5-year-old son while you’re snap happy and sharing photos with random strangers on the Internet. Could have happened to anyone, right?

Unfortunately, the cynic in me disagrees and I think it was a planned leaked as a way to promo their reality TV show “Tori and Dean” on the Oxygen network. Hey, whatever gets you in the news right?

Source: TV Shark