Stocking Stuffers

Uvena Blocking Card$13.99 • Uvena • Get Yours Now If you are looking for an easy win when it comes to stocking stuffers this year, there’s not much better than this unassuming black card. Almost every card in your wallet has an RFID chip in it, which means that almost every […]

Health and Wellness

Aku Ball$40 • Akuspike • Get Yours NowThe Aku Ball might look like a medieval torture device, but it is one of our favorite gift items this holiday season. This 2.5” ball is covered with over 650 metal spikes made of silver, zinc, copper, iron, and nickel. These spikes are more […]

Puzzles and Games

Sagrada$39.99 • Floodgate Games • Get Yours Now Sagrada is a game where players are trying to make the most beautiful stained glass window out of tiny, variously-colored dice. Meanwhile the dice are working against you by rarely being the color or number that you really need. Each player has their […]

Ho Ho Holiday-Themed Gifts

Disney – Mickey and Minnie “Winter Skate” Tapestry Throw Blanket, 48″ x 60″$35.00 •The Northwest • Get Yours Now Blankets and quilts are nice, but you’ve got to have the special blankets that you pull out for the holidays. The ones that not only keep you warm but help make the […]

Food Gift Ideas

Sparkly Maple Syrup$16.95 • Runamok Maple • Get Yours Now We know what you’re thinking. You love breakfast, but there’s just not enough glitter in your normal diet to make you feel like there’s real magic in your life. Well, that’s about to change. If you want to live that unicorn […]

Warm and Fuzzy Gifts

Harry Potter Hogwarts Throw $39.00 • The Northwest • Get Yours Now It’s weird how much of a rivalry there is among Harry Potter fans about which house in Hogwarts is the best? Inthe end, who cares if you are a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin? You are going to a school for […]

Pet Tech

Skymee Fury Bone Smart Interactive Pet Toys for Dogs Cats$69.99 • Skymee • Get Yours Now Skymee’s Fury Bone is an excellent toy for owners of small/medium dogs or cats. The app-controlled pet toy is not only simple to use but a lot of fun for both the owner and the […]