RKO’s Roseblood Movie Co. and Twisted Pictures have chosen Adam Marcus to be the director for “I Walked With a Zombie,” the remake of the RKO 1943 classic.

Marcus also directed “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.” He’s already written the script with with Debra Sullivan, his writing partner on the Val Kilmer film “Conspiracy.”

The film focuses on a private tutor who discovers a terrifying family secret while working at the ancient estate of a New Orleans businessman. The original was a forerunner of the corps of walking corpse films that followed. Hartley called the film one of the most valuable in the RKO library.

Aside from “Zombie,” Fickman is overseeing remakes of 1945’s “The Body Snatcher” (already remade several times), 1946’s “Bedlam” and 1939’s “Five Came Back” (remade twice before). Fickman said the filmmakers are a strong match for bringing “Zombie” back from the dead.

Source: Variety