Ron Silver was one of those actors that you would always recognize, but you never really knew who he was. Sunday morning, he passed away at the age 62 of esophageal cancer. He leaves two children, Adam and Alexandra, his parents and his two brothers.

If you can’t quite place him, but know the face, it is because he’s been all over tv and movies for years, but never quite hit the level of stardom that most of his co-stars did.

He got his start on TV back in the 70’s on Rhoda and then spent the next several decades doing memorable guest spots on shows like McMillan & Wife, The Rockford Files, Hillstreet Blues, Chicago Hope, Law and Order, and the West Wing just to name a few.

On the big screen you might remember him for Oh, God You Devil, Romancing the Stone, Time Cop, and Ali among many others.