Here’s some great news for Jack Bauer fans. “24” producer Brian Grazer just confirmed via Twitter that “24” the movie is in the works. In addition, we’ve also got a time table of when it’ll start and that Kiefer Sutherland is on board:

“Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the 24 movie for next year,” Grazer informed the Twitterverse recently.

While this may seem assuring that “24” the movie will happen, there are still several questions left unanswered. Such as what does Grazer mean by next year? Is that when the film will begin filming? When it’ll be released? Also, no director has been named. As much as I hate to say this, the facts remain. “24” the movie may be in the works according to Grazer, but it’s far from being in actual development. So while Grazer may be gun-ho about the adaptation happening, fans should remain skeptic at least until it’s actually backed by a Fox or until we learn more about its plot.

In the past, executive producer Howard Gordon had stated that he was interested in hiring former show writer Billy Ray to pen a script for the big-screen adaptation that will take Jack Bauer to Europe.