The sequel to Zack Snyder’s surprise hit “300” received a title change recently and has gone from being called “Xerxes” to a much wordier title with “300: Battle of Artemisia.” Aside from the title change, two directors were announced as being potential candidates to replace Zack Snyder who is currently unable to direct his sequel due to his obligations with “Superman: Man of Steel.”

The two directors looking to take over are Moan Murro and Jaume Collet-Serra. Murro has one film under his belt with “Smart People” starring Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as his much awe inspired and incredible Halo commercials. Collet-Serra is similar in caliber and has directed “Unknown” starring Liam Neeson and is currently set to direct “Red Circle” and a new vampire movie, “Harker.”

“300: Battle of Artemisia” will tell the story of how “Xerxes rose to power in fifth-century-BC Persia and became known as ‘The King of Kings,’ eventually raising and leading a massive army intent on ruthlessly destroying the hated Greeks who killed his father. Xerxes seeks nothing less than to become a god himself — and achieves his wish!”

Source: Deadline