“Dollhouse” fans attending San Diego Comic-Con this year will get to watch “Epitaph One,” otherwise known as the lost episode of the show which was never aired by Fox.

Whedonites will get a super-sized “Dollhouse” session on July 24 at Comic-Con which also features an hourlong Q&A with show creator Joss Whedon and star Eliza Dushku. For those who are unable to attend the crazy festive that is of SDCC, “Epitaph One” is also scheduled for DVD release and international distribution come July 28.

“Epitaph One” is a stand alone episode — cited by Fox as one of the reasons it was never aired — and guest stars Felicia Day of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along” fame.

Chicago Tribune recently published 13 non-spoilery fun facts about “Epitaph One”:

1. The director of photography for the episode, Rodney Charters, as well as the entire film crew, came from “24.”

2. The reason “Dollhouse’s” regular film crew was not used was that they were all off shooting “Omega,” the show’s on-air Season 1 finale.

3. Parts of “Epitaph One” were filmed at the same industrial facility that was used for parts of “Omega.” Joss Whedon said in one interview that the episode was shot in six days, which is hard to believe since it looks great.

4. Adair Tishler, formerly of “Heroes,” does great work in the episode (as does Felicia Day).

5. Jed and Maurissa wrote a song for the episode, which Maurissa sings. On Twitter recently, she asked if they should release the song separately before or after “Epitaph One” comes out on DVD. I think it should come out the day of the Comic-Con screening, or the day after. It’s quite good.

6. The episode was shot for the studio, not for the network, so, from what Jed and Maurissa said on the DVD commentary, it sounds like there was more freedom to do what the “Dollhouse” team wanted to do.

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