A rumor has surfaced that Warner Bros. will show an 8-minute long prologue of Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises,” with Brad Bird’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” in IMAX.

According to the rumor from /Film, this report comes from a “A trusted theater (read: exhibitor) source.” It would make sense since both films are set for an IMAX release and perhaps entice the fanatics to watch “Mission Impossible” in IMAX just for the 8-minute spot. Furthermore, for those who remember, “The Dark Knight” had its own 8-minute IMAX prologue that introduced us to The Joker. So the chances of this rumor being truth is highly probably.

“Mission Impossible 4” will hit IMAX theaters this December 16th, and open nation wide on December 21st. While there’s currently no truth to this awesome rumor, would you pay to see “MI4” just to be the first to catch a glimpse of this 8-minute “Dark Knight Rises” footage?