Ironclad was released last year in the UK and comes to the states the end of the month. This YouTube clip is a collection of all the intense gore in the film. It looks like it’s gonna be one fucking bloody epic period pieced with a pretty stellar cast. Ironclad stars James Purefoy, Brian Cox, and Paul Giamatti. This has high potential to suck since reviews have been lukewarm about the movie but, if you are in the mood for a gore filled medieval romp than it seems like Ironclad just might fill your belly. Check out the collection of hacking and slashing below.

The amount of axe hacking makes my blood boil in anticipation. As my good friend said “holy FUCK the only way that would be better if Sun and Steel from Maiden was playing.” All I can say is I’m in even if it’s a bland film it looks like my body part quota for a movie’s met in seconds. My favorite is the youtuber’s personal touch of the axe face hack going back and forth a bit. That made my black super villain heart smile.

Plot Synopsis from IMDB:
‘It is the year 1215 and the rebel barons of England have forced their despised King John to put his royal seal to the Magna Carta, a noble, seminal document that upheld the rights of free-men. Yet within months of pledging himself to the great charter, the King reneged on his word and assembled a mercenary army on the south coast of England with the intention of bringing the barons and the country back under his tyrannical rule. Barring his way stood the mighty Rochester castle, a place that would become the symbol of the rebel’s momentous struggle for justice and freedom.’

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CP Lorusso is TV / Film / Web writer and editor working in Los Angeles. He can be reached at CPL[at] or on Twitter @CPLorusso.