Ok, I’ll admit, I was never a huge Star Trek fan. I was always more into Star Wars. Hell, I’ll take Ewoks over tribbles any day. Maybe if Tribbles had cute catch phrases like “Jub Jub” it would be a different story. Anyways, that seems like a moot point right now because as I sit here watching the newest trailer for Star Trek, all I can think is that I’ve never been this excited to see a Trek Film in my life.

If you’re a fan, don’t forget that Leonard Nimoy will be a special guest at this year’s FX Show in Orlando Florida from April 17-19.

2 thoughts on “A New Trek Trailer Even Star Wars Fans Will Love”

  1. Star Trek has never looked this epic. And I still think John Choi is a miscast, I would have preferred some unknown than toker boy.

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