‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ has had its ups and downs, but the last season has rallied into a pretty solid storyline that doesn’t get trapped by having to dovetail into the events of the MCU. Still, a lot of people would have guessed that this season of the show would be its last on the network. It turns out that those people are wrong and ABC has just renewed the show for a fifth season.

The problem that the show has been having is that people stopped watching it when it got stupid and then didn’t get the memo that it actually got good again. In the 4th season, they focused on smaller storylines that allowed for more creativity and character growth instead of massive season long events that would lead up to finding a last minute save against the current “big bad.”

Another reason that the show was probably saved is that it is the birthplace of Inhumans within the MCU. Now that Blackbolt and his royal court are getting their own show int he fall, cancelling the place where non-comic fans learned what Inhumans are could preemptively hurt the new series’ credibility with viewers… as if Medusa’s wig hasn’t already done that.