More than fourteen million tuned in for the debut of ABC’s “V,” a remake of the 1980s sci-fi series about an alien invasion.

The 14.3 million viewers gave the ABC series a 5.2 rating — the best of any new fall show — and the second best ratings overall for a new show this season. “V” trails only behind “NCIS LA” which had 18.7 million.

What was also impressive was it also marked ABC’s best ratings for the young adults demographic in the time slot in three years.

Interestingly, despite “V’s” strong numbers going head to head with the highly rated “NCIS,” the special agents didn’t lose any viewers and remained the night’s highest watched show with 20.2 million viewers. Although “V” did add viewers in its second half hour, which is always a positive sign.

But what does this mean for “V” who has only four episodes completed for broadcast? Or that “V” is expected to take a break after four episodes due to the beginning of Winer Olympics? For a new unproven show trying to establish itself, this proves an uphill challenge that may permanently hamper or kill any interest in the new scif-fi drama.

Source: TV Shark