THR is reporting that Warner Bros is going to try and revive the classic comic book/ movie serial character Mandrake the Magician… Again. Mandrake has been floating around as everything from a serial star to a comic book character and even a member of the 1980’s animated super hero team “Defenders of The Earth.” King Features, the creator of the series seems to be trying hard to revive their creations in the last couple years with updated versions of Flash Gordon, The Phantom and now Mandrake. The other two reboots failed pretty hard (Not including the 1980’s Flash Gordon movie with soundtrack by Queen. That was awesome!)

Just to give you a refresher, here are the opening credits from the classic 1930’s Mandrake The Magician serials that aired in movie theaters:

And here is the opening credits from the 1980’s animated series “Defenders of The Earth” that featured Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake The Magician, Lothar, and a bunch of kids.

Finally, just for fun, here is a Defenders of The Earth Parody from Robot Chicken:

Source: THR