Variety is reporting that the Jack Black video game, “Brutal Legend” is the subject of a pretty hefty lawsuit.

Activision has filed a lawsuit against videogame developer Double Fine Prods. that may prevent Electronic Arts from releasing “Brutal Legend” in October.

The videogame publisher claims that Double Fine missed a key deadline for “Brutal Legend” last year during its development and then set up the game with rival EA when it needed $7 million more and an additional nine months to finish it.

But Activision said in a lawsuit filed in the Santa Monica Courthouse, that it had never relinquished the rights to the game, in which it had already invested $15 million to develop. It also wasn’t paid back any money Double Fine was given to produce the game.

The Game features Black as a heavy metal roadie who is transported to a mythical ancient world where he is called upon to fight evil.

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, I am not sure why this game is even being made. For the most part, celeb based games suck in a serious way. In fact, the only awesome celeb game I’ve ever found was the smash TV style button masher, Bruce Willis’ Apocalypse.