Tom six might know how to connect three-twelve helpless victims from their mouths to their rectums, but can he work things out with his on-screen villain before he ends up in front of a judge?

Deadline is reporting that the planned June start of filming for Human Centipede 3 is on hold because Dieter Laser, the actor who played the bad guy in the first movie was supposed to come back, but has since backed out.

The case is now going into litigation and could derail the entire film. Based on the progressive nature of the torture that Six has devised in each of his films, I can only imagine that Laser was reading the script for the new movie and became so violently ill that he is now too weak to perform.

On a side note… Dieter Laser is an awesome name. If I come back as some sort of futuristic German porn star in another life, I want to be called Dieter Laser.

Image Courtesy Of Jpegy

Source: deadline