Adi Shankar has quickly become the internet’s favorite geek director, even if most of his films are bootlegs. Now, he’s announced his next big project and it gives him a crack at one of my favorite childhood video games.

Here’s what Shankar told fans last night on his Facebook page:
Breaking News: I’m producing a super violent Castlevania mini-series with my homies Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. It’s going to be dark, satirical, and after a decade of propaganda it will flip the vampire sub-genre on its head.

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the fact that he’s doing this or that he’s doing it with Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator, home to shows like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and Fairly Odd Parents.

Amazingly, the series will not be a bootleg at all. Frederator owns the rights to the game already, and the series will be based on Castlevania 3.

In regards to the violence and gore factor, Shankar said:

There will be a lot. The goal is to bring hard hitting anime to the America and be America’s first animated series for adults.

As to what shows he’ll be looking at for inspiration, he listed: Akira, Ghost in a Shell, Ninja Scroll, and Young Justice which he describes as “the best series ever and it shouldn’t have been canceled wtf.”

Finally, when asked about the music for the series, he said this:

The first thing I thought about was music and how we needed to avoid the traditional sword-and-sandal orchestra cliche and use the heavy metal electro guitar vibe found in the early games.


Source: Collider