Adult Swim’s at it again giving away ten free tracks for ten straight weeks this summer. They’re in cahoots (been dying to use that term since I started writing here) with Kia motors on this and while I have zero interest in those cars, free music is always cool. It’s a great way to check out bands you don’t know yet or get free stuff from bands you dig. We hit the halfway point today with the drop of Active Child’s track Hanging On. At first listen it’s a very haunting track that feels like hip Celtic ghosts bustin’ out pop music. The hook’s catchy and the track ain’t too shabby either but truly I’m not sure how much play I’d give it. While not bad just not my kind of music so please, download it for free and check it out. Free shit is always cool.

The tracks so far have been:

Week 1 – Ford & Lopatin / Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive me)

Week 2 – Best Coast / Gone Again

Week 3 – How To Dress Well / Us in the Sense of Forever

Week 4 – Mastodon – Deathbound

Week 5 – Active Child / Hanging On


My favorite track so far is Mastodons Deathbound but, that’s no surprise since I’m a huge Mastodon fan and it’s a B-side from their album Crack the Skye, I highly recommend listening to the track The Czar it’s fucking incredible (as is the entire album). Deathbound is a badass track and has a cool music video loaded with puppet violence to go along with it. Oddly this is my second posting recently involving puppets and adult humor. What exactly does that say about me? I’m not sure…

Embed has been displayed, but you can watch the video here:

My second favorite track released so far is Ford & Lopatin’s Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me). It reminds me of Ariel Pinks Haunted Garage, a great band my best bud got me into. This track is like an 80’s suicide left by one of Sonny Crocket’s secret gay lovers. It’s actually a cool low fi cheese filled dance track that has one infectious rhythm.

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