Anyone who reads this site knows that I love me some Adventure Time. Hell, I literally wrote a cookbook about it. You can find it HERE. While part of me is excited to see Finn, Jake, and everyone else on the big screen, I’ve got some concerns. Let me list them for you.

1. Format – Adventure Time works really well as an 11 minute short. They are small, but still able to carry a lot of story. My concern can be summed up here in two words: The Lorax. By any measuring stick, The Lorax is a great kids book. Now, try to stretch it to fit the confines of a standard movie. You may recall… it sucked giant goat balls. I have significant fears that AT will get bogged down in an attempt to create enough filler to hit the 90 minute mark.

2. Outsiders – I liked The Lego Movie. Sure, it was a 90 minute commercial for toys that simultaneously reeked of capitalism and indoctrinated children against it, but hey… it was funny. Chris McKay is a solid writing talent, but LEGOS are the cool kids. It’s easy to write for the cool kids. Adventure Time is the kids under the stairs playing D&D. The writing team on the show has created brilliant characters and woven stories that have literally taken years to unfold. I am terrified to see what an outside writer will try to change to make it more marketable. I’m also worried what they might do that could then have ramifications on the existing show… unless the entire film is a dream sequence.