It’s one thing for a video game to have a great cut scene, but we are still working on getting games that can render cut scene quality action on the fly. Enter Qunatic Dream. They have developed a new gaming engine called KARA that is one of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen. The following demo is rendered real time on a PS3.

Kara’s foundation is the studio’s new engine, her purpose to reveal what it’s capable of before the team embarked on its next game proper. “We really wanted to move forward and push the envelope on the new game,” says Cage. “There were many things that we couldn’t do on the old engine, so we decided to build a new one from scratch. Kara’s the very first thing we’ve done with this brand new engine, so it’s not optimized – it’s got 50% of the features that we have right now, as Kara was done a year ago.

Source: Nerdcore