According to The Hollywood reporter, The IFC Channel has signed a deal to make a TV movie based on Laurell K. Hamilton’s highly popular, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books. Based on success, the first movie could just be the tip of the ice berg.

IFC is targeting the movie to its core base of men 18-34 and plans to air it next year.

“The popularity of the network in this demographic indicates that there is a clear demand for films that delve into provocative topics, and nothing is more classically provocative than vampire lore,” said Jennifer Caserta, executive vp and GM of IFC. “Anita Blake fits perfectly with our successful original programming.”

I find this to be pretty funny because with the exception of one man, every Anita Blake fan I know is a woman. I also find this pretty interesting because I remember when Marvel first started adapting the Anita Blake books into comic books. The one question that every interviewer asked was about doing a movie. At least back then she was very against it, she didn’t feel like any actress could live up to the roll. Apparently the truck of money they backed up to her house, made her change her mind.