Joey Ansah’s out of nowhere yet still highly-anticipated Street Fighter fan-film, “Street Fighter: Legacy” is now online!

We’re a bit disappointed that it’s just a little over three minutes long, but as of now it’s probably the best live-action Street Fighter film to date. Collider, which premiered the short, mentions that as of now, a longer cut isn’t expected, but if enough positive feedback is garnished, the production crew may return to work to produce a longer cut.

In his letter to Collider, Ansah writes:

[T]he truth is we’d love to do more in the Street Fighter universe. I want to make a series/movie and I really want it to happen. But what will fast track the process is the fans getting behind it, making their voices heard, and championing me and my team doing this on the biggest scale. I have done the hard part and got it to this point. If you get behind my vision and demand more, we’ll try like hell to make it happen.

Anyway, watch the short below, and be sure to check out the additional featurettes and behind-the-scene footage about how the fight was designed, as well as the costume. For more information and to send your praises be sure to check out the official YouTube page, the “Street Fighter: Legacy” Official Facebook Group, and

One thought on “Ansah’s ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ Short-Film Debuts”

  1. Street Fighter: LEGACY… PLEASE don’t do WEB Series… MOVIE Deal would be GREAT! =) Crossed FINGERS…

    I have know idea that this was a “2010” proposal… I was browsing youtube and then I saw this… I’ve read a —> LOT of POSITIVE feedbacks already. I mean, HEY! This is STREET FIGHTER: LEGACY we’re talking! I’m sure this will BOOM as expected! =)

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