Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on Friday and the biggest questions fans have for the movie is what it will tell us about Avengers 4. According to both Kevin Feige and Payton Reed, there will be teasers and Easter eggs for fans who look close enough, but they are going to have to look reallllllly close.

In one recent interview, Feige teased that the hints will be almost impossible to spot:
“Like the first movie there are clues in the Quantum Realm to other possibilities and things. I’m talking frames [of film].”

Reed had similar things to say, and the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down for MCU fans.
“We have definitely laid some groundwork for some stuff down there… similar to what we did in the first movie. [In the first movie,] it was not until really DVD or Blu-ray release when people started freeze-framing it like ‘Wait a second. There’s a reflection. Is that Wasp down there? Is it Janet?” The Quantum Realm was daunting because the good news is the bad news. Which is it’s infinite and can be whatever you want it to be.”