Cosplay is one of the most important and exciting things to see during convention season. There will be plenty of Deadpools and Woman Women out there, hoping that you’ll ask them to show off their well-practiced poses for a photo, but there’s only one superhero team you should be keeping an eye out for. I’m talking about the McVengers.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of the McVengers, but there is possibly nothing more American than turning our biggest fast-food chains into the heroes that we know and love. We’re talking about Dr. Strange Box, Long John Fury, Grimos, Incredible Panda Express, Krispy Witch, Jolliwasp, Agent Starbucks, McThor, Captain KFC, and Black Widow Wendy.

Dr. Strange Box- @jack_cosplay_929
Long John Fury- @dynamic_dyad
Grimos- @bananasteve.cosplay
Incredible Panda Express- @doccanecosplay
Krispy Witch- @quiksilvababe
JolliWasp- @kittiecosplay
Agent Starbucks- @dynamic_dyad
McThor- @mcthor_cosplay
Captain KFC- @mobileknobel
Black Widow Wendy- @thestarflower