I love Capcom! They created the Street Fighter and Resident Evil series among a ton of other great games. So since I saw the trailer and have been reading about Asura’s Wrath I’ve been very excited for this game. Capcom has just released a new gameplay trailer showing more of the games futuristic style mixed with ancient East Asian mythos. Check out the gameplay and read my babbles on it below!

After Thoughts:
So, after watching more of this incredible looking game in action I have to say FUCK THIS LOOKS AWESOME! At first I was all “Ok Capcom just try to impress me” the BAM! We have giant screening filling bosses with mega arm cannon guns while the lead is blazing with mystical fire or whatever and then WHAM! He suddenly has six arms and he’s tossing bitches like no tomorrow! So yeah I turned into an eight year old with a mouth like a sailor. I’m very amped to rock this game at comic con!

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