July 26 will see the American release of Catherine, a very Japanese game. I truly hope this game is as crazy and fun as it looks. The trailer doesn’t show much but you can find a lot of gameplay footage on it since it’s been released in Japan and I think this is going to a be a “don not miss” type of game. I love horror based games and the fact that this one is blends dating sim aspects into an adventure game. This has been done before and hell you can get it on with aliens in the Mass Effect series but this game looks to be one of those crazy games that most people overlook. Check out the trailer and the website for all the lunacy that Catherine seems to be.

After Thoughts:

Dating anime hotties while fighting off weird sheep monsters in your nightmares sounds like a dream come true for most nerd gamers. The graphical style looks good and the fact that you can just hang out, text your friends, fool around with your ladies, and order drinks during the day before you fall asleep and enter your nightmare world makes me really hope I’ll be getting a review copy in the mail soon. I always love it when a company really tries to do something new with video games and I truly hope Catherine is worth it.

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