The Avatar Sequels started filming yesterday with a reported budget of nearly a billion dollars (how is that even possible???), and today we are getting a look at a lot of the new cast members of the film… and it is starting to feel more like a Young Adult movie than your standard action adventure.

You can bet that when we see these actors on film, most of them will be mocapped into their Naavi bodies, but for now at least, we are getting a look at the large cast of kids and teens that make up the next generation of the family from Avatar. So, I guess if you don’t want to know about some inter-species spoilers, it’s best to stop now.

The Sully Family
JAMIE FLATTERS: Neteyam (neh-tay’-ahm) Jake and Neytiri’s first born son.
BRITAIN DALTON: Lo’ak (loh’ ahk) Lo’ak is Jake and Neytiri’s second born.
TRINITY BLISS: Tuktirey: (took-tee’-ray) She goes mostly by “Tuk” (rhymes with “nuke”). She is youngest of the Sully family.

Of the Metkayina Clan
BAILEY BASS: Tsireya (see-ray’-ah) “Reya” She is a graceful and strong free-diver – the young Neytiri of the ocean.
FILIP GELJO: Aonung (aw-nung’) Young male hunter/free-diver son the Olo’eyktan of Metkayina Clan.
DUANE EVANS JR.: Rotxo (row’-txoh) Young male hunter/free-diver of the Metkayina.

Former Hell’s Gate Adolescent
JACK CHAMPION: Javier “Spider” Socorro – A human teenager, born at Hell’s Gate but prefers his time in the Pandoran rainforest more than the asphalt of Hell’s Gate.

The first of the AVATAR SEQUELS hits theaters everywhere December 18, 2020!