It can be pretty well established that Jame’s Cameron’s “Avatar” is quite possibly the most anticipated movie in the last decade. those in the know are already saying that it will change cinema forever. The film took Cameron three times as long to make as “Titanic” did and that is the highest grossing film of all time. The movie promises everything. Great story, epic battles, the first ever truly photo realistic CGI… The hype on this film is probably the biggest since Star Wars Episode 1. That makes everyone wonder… are we getting another “Empire Strikes Back,” or just another Jar Jar Binks?

One thing is for sure, the movie is so popular and the effects so spectacular that they had to announce a special day to release the extended 3D trailer and and they expect such a crushing crowd that you actually have to get tickets just to get into the trailer!

No worries though. Tickets are free and will be available this coming monday on

Here’s what THR says you can expect in the trailer:
The extended trailer will contain much of the “Avatar” footage shown at screenings this summer at exhibitor events in Hollywood and Amsterdam, and also at Comic-Con. But at least one unspecified new scene will be included.

Part of the footage shows Sam Worthington’s Avatar character adapting to a strange new environment in the fantastical world of Pandora, and a battle scene figures in a closing montage. There also is an extended clip involving a forest attack by wolf-like creatures.

Source: THR