Avengers: Infinity War has just started filming, but we are already learning more and more about the upcoming epic that has been nearly a decade and more than a dozen films in the making. Kevin Feige recently commented that Thanos will not just be the main bad guy for the film, but that he could very well be considered the film’s main character. The other real question we’ve got is… who and how many other major Marvel characters can we expect to see? A new comment from Feige states that we can expect to see 68 Marvel heroes and villains in the film. Let’s forget about the fact that it seems like most characters would only get 20 seconds of screen time, and let’s just try to figure out who all could be included in the list.

Here are our guesses for who we can definitely, probably, and probably not expect to see when the movie hits the big screen in 2018. Given the constraints of some of the licensing deals, I’m having trouble coming up with 68 people who should be in this movie. Take a look at our list and see what you think.

– Tony Stark / Iron Man
– Thor
– Steve Rogers / Captain America
– Bruce Banner / Hulk
– Scarlet Witch
– Black Panther
– Black Widow
– Vision (At least until Thanos rips the Infinity gem from his forehead)
– Nick Fury
– Ant-Man
– Spider-Man
– Hawkeye
– Aunt May
– Doctor Strange
– Heimdall
– Bucky/ The Winter Soldier
– Peter Quill / Star-Lord
– Gamora
– Drax
– Rocket
– Groot
– Danvers / Captain Marvel
– The Collector
– War Machine (If they can give him a suit that gets him walking)
– Falcon
– Sharon Carter

– Cosmo (He’s an easy cameo and he’s connected to The Collector)
– Howard The Duck
– Pip (A member of the Infinity Watch and who Peter Dinklage has been rumored to be playing in the film)
– Moon Dragon
– Adam Warlock (The male counterpart to the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 and the protagonist of the original Infinity Gauntlet series)
– Thor’s Warriors Three
– Sif
– Loki
– Odin
– Phil Coulson
– Maria Hill
– General Thaddeus Ross
– Everett Ross (Martin Freeman)
– Erik Selvig

Probably not
– Quicksilver – Dead
– Wasp – Evangeline Lilly has stated she won’t be in the film
– Any of the Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, Iron Fist) – Feige has already stated they won’t be in the film
– Silver Surfer – Because FOX is a dick
– The Fantastic Four – Because FOX is a dick