According to Jon Swaine and his tally called “Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know“, the soon to be leader of the free world, President-elect Barack Obama, is a comic book fan. In fact, he isn’t just a fan, but a collector of “Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics,” who also plans on bring a box of Marvel Comics with him to the White House next year.

As comic book junkies here at Wookie swoon over this news, we just couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a fan Obama really is. Is he a casual reader? A fanyboy? Does he know the difference between the Marvel’s 616 universe and the Ultimate universe? Does he visit his local comic book store every Wednesday because that’s when new comics come out?

After some digging we found an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette speculating the kind of fan Obama might be.

The articles goes on to say that unlike Democratic predecessor President Bill Clinton who read comic books on the down-low, President-elect Obama is a “collector” —

“a hard-core fan who goes to the trouble of slipping comics into polyester sleeves or Mylar bags before depositing them into specialty storage boxes never to see the light of day again”.

The article even jokes about how Obama would be the first president to ever carry around nuclear codes in addition to a list of missing “Marvel Team-Ups” that he would need to fill the hole in his collection. Because comic collectors are fanatic completists — “which means they’re inclined to hunt down whole runs of a title and its spin-offs because voices in their heads command them to.”

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Source: Daily Telegraph, Post-Gazette