Remember former Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick? The “super” man who had everything but loss it all on an account of his own stupidity for organizing an illegal dog fighting ring?

Well, according to AP Sports Columnists, Tim Dahlberg, Vick is expected to be released from prison next July (just in time for spring training) and hopes to return to the NFL… That is if things all goes well.

As a professional athlete with lucrative endorsement deals, Vick earned nearly $15 million in 2006. Currently, while in a Kansas prison, he is making 12 cents an hour and a recently reported total income of $12.89 a month.

$12.89 a month… That’s probably just a few dollars more than what 16-year-olds are making overseas who once made his “7” Atlanta Falcons jersey.

And for the mathematically challenged, that’s $14,999,987 less than what he previously made.

If Vick does indeed return to the NFL, only a desperate team *cough*Lions*cough* would consider signing him and his baggage.

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