Batman has had his high and low points when it comes to the big screen. Some of the highest include Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns and the Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy. Meanwhile, some of the lows have included things like the “Martha” moment, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. Regarding the latter, writer Akiva Goldsman wants you to know that he is sorry.

In a new interview with the Star Trek: Picard writer, Goldsman told Collider his feelings on the critical flop.

“We’re all sorry. As for Batman & Robin, that one just confused me. I mean, we didn’t mean for it to be bad. I swear, nobody was like, ‘This will be bad. We were really thinking…I mean, here’s the irony: There was a reel that was put together halfway through [filming] where it actually looked dark in an interesting way. It just is what it is and I’m sorry. I think we’re all sorry.” 

Akiva Goldsman

In the end, the movie is what it is. We look forward to his future apology for his literal desus-ex-machina in the season finale of Star Trek: Picard season 1.