The other day, we showed a tease of the classic Muppet Show sketch, Pigs In Space, that popped up on social media. Now, just as promised we get to see what they were talking about. Amazingly, it’s not a teaser or anything, but a new episode of Pigs in Space! Even better, they’ve got Pepe as a guest star in the best Alien parody since Spaceballs.

What does this mean? Will there be more? Will there be other sketches coming of additional classics like Veterinarian’s Hospital? There’s no news on it, just the video and the accompanying text below.

At long last, the legendary S.S. Swinetrek returns in the first all-new episodes of the epic “PIGS IN SPACE” saga in more than 20 years! Join First Mate Piggy, Captain Link Hogthrob, and Dr. Julius Strangepork as they match wits with an annoying alien stowaway who really knows how to get under your skin.