I’ve loved The Walking Dead for a long time, but man… this season has been a slog. Even in the way that they killed off certain people in the mid-season finale, it just felt boring and mechanical to me. I’m not giving up on the show by any means, but I’m also actually looking forward to a little break from it for the next couple of months.

The trailer teases the inevitable partnership between Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom. That’s a good thing, because it’s getting boring just watching everyone get stepped on. I’m still waiting to see if they try and push a relationship connection between Carol and Ezekiel instead of matching him up with Michonne like they do in the comics. Honestly, I’m a little bummed we haven’t seen more of the Kingdom up until this point and I’m hoping that gets rectified later in the season.

So… I guess this is promising, but right now, it feels like the show is as beaten down as the survivors are at this moment in the story. Here’s hoping that things pick up.