Tonight on Gotham, we got to see the climax of the Galavan Story, the introduction of Mr Freeze, and a teaser clip from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

While I enjoyed Gotham, the clip was just aggravating. I want to believe that this is some sort of misdirect, or perhaps Superman is under mind control, but I really hate this darker version of Superman that Snyder has gone with. While I like the idea that a lot of the conflict between Batman and Superman was based on the tremendous destruction that happened in the battle between Superman and Zod, Snyder lost me the minute Supes snapped Zod’s neck. Maybe I’m just too old fashioned, but that’s not my superman. Neither is the one we’ve seen in any of their trailers. It really feels like the DC universe has two goals and two goals only. 1. Force as many capes out of the gate as quick as possible. 2. do everything you can to be a polar opposite to the Marvel film universe.

Being different for different sake, doesn’t make it good.