Battlestar Galactica is arguably one of the best Sci Fi shows to hit TV in the last couple decades and it has left people craving something new and different from the shows creator, Ron Moore. I mean, let’s face it… Caprica just isn’t cutting it.

Well, he’s picked his next project and it has me just as skeptical as I was when I heard he was bringing back BSG several years ago. Ronald Moore is putting his spin on the classic sci-fi western, “Wild Wild West.”

One of the biggest surprises here is that anyone would touch that license after Barry Sonnenfeld beat it to death with that utterly craptacular movie.

According to EW, the show is still in it’s early stages and still several weeks off from being showed off to any networks.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the show, it originally featured Robert Conrad and Ross Martin as Secret Service agents stationed in the wild west. With his associate, Artemis Pyle, James west was sort of like an old school James Bond. Not only was he a super secret agent, but he had all kinds of awesome gadgets that were always way before their time.

Here’s the original opening credits to “Wild, Wild West”:

Source: Slashfilm