Oh, how I wish this was some sort of joke. OK, that headline might have been a bit harsh, but why the hell would anyone want to try and make a sequel this movie? I mean, maybe if they did one with Ralphie all grown up and as the parent, it could be somewhat acceptable, but having him as a teenager and replacing the rest of the cast? Seriously… F’ing abomination. Makes me want to get a red ryder BB gun and go hunting for some studio execs. We’ll see who’s eye gets put out…

* No, that is not an actual threat to anyone.

The new “film” is directed by Brian Levant (Jingle All the Way and stars Braeden Lemasters, Stacey Travis, and Daniel Stern.

Official Synopsis:
Years after realizing his childhood dream of getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, 16-year-old Ralphie (Braeden Lemasters) sets his bespectacled sights on a gift of the four-wheeled variety in this belated sequel to the Bob Clark’s beloved 1983 classic A Christmas Story. As the snow begins to fall and the carolers start to sing, Ralphie dreams of waking up on Christmas morning to find the keys to a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible dangling from the tree, and embracing a whole new world of freedom as he cruises the streets of Hohman, Indiana in style. Home Alone alumni Daniel Stern takes over for the late Darren McGavin as The Old Man, with Stacey Travis, David Buehrle, David W. Thompson, and Valin Shinyei sounding out the supporting cast as Mrs. Parker, Schwartz, Flick, and Randy respectively.