It was reported a while back that Shawn Levy, the director of Real Steel was set up to take on the reboot of the classic Universal Monster film Frankenstein, based off a screen play from Max Landis, who had previously written Chronicle.

Now it is being reported that Levy is gone and that it will most likely be Lucky Number Slevin diector Paul McGuigan taking his place.

Variety is reporting that Levy bailed because he wanted to make a much bigger movie than the studio was interested in making.

Here’s what Levy had to say:
“That script is ready to rock, I am ready to rock on that script, but as was reported it’s not a small budget. My Frankenstein, it ain’t gonna get done well and the way I would insist on doing it for $35 million. So anytime you’re in like $70-$80 million for a movie, you’re really thinking about ‘Well who are these two guys?’ in our case it’s Igor and Victor Frankenstein, ‘What’s the juicy pairing that makes that a good bet? That makes that financial bet smart and worth it?’ because I am in the business of not squandering the money the studios give me to make movies… It was more like ‘Okay if that’s the budget, we’ve gotta make sure we cast it really, really right’ and so that’s the moment we’re in.”

Source: COllider