Everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, now you have a chance to be in any number of the hottest upcoming movies. Thanks to the guys over at Collider, we now know of extra casting opportunities for Iron Man 3, Machete Kills, CBGB, Grown Ups 2, The Smurfs 2, The Walking Dead, and the new Percy Jackson movie.

We need to make the following disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with any of these productions or casting agencies. The requirements for every production are both specific and diverse.

Some of the links will want you to subscribe to get the info on where to go and what the requirements are. We are not saying you should pay them. Personally, we kinda think that’s bunk that you have to pay to learn about a job… so, just be aware when you go clicking on stuff and remember that subscribing to one of these casting sites doesn’t guarantee that you will get the gig, just that you will know it exists.

Iron Man 3/Caged Heat: (North Carolina) Caged Heat is the working title under which they began the Iron Man production. They’ve already held open casting calls for background, but they still need more. You can find out exactly what types they’re looking for by following them on Facebook:

* This site also gives an opportunity to get get an extra role in the best new show from last year, Homeland!

You Are Here: (North Carolina) Matthew Weiner’s road trip comedy starring Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis is accepting photos and information at: youarehereextras@gmail.com

Machete Kills: (Austin, TX) Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to…Machete, starring Danny Trejo, Amber Heard and Mel Gibson. They too have a Facebook page where you can find information about casting needs and availability. Go to: www.facebook.com/pages/Beth-Sepko-Casting-Third-Coast-Extras/83292852892

Grown Ups 2: (Massachusetts)

CBGB: (Savannah, GA.) Directed by Randall Miller (Bottle Shock), Alan Rickman stars as Hilly Kristal, the man who opened one of New York City’s most iconic music clubs. An open casting call was held in Savannah on Tuesday, June 12th, but you can still submit yourself.


The Smurfs 2: (Montreal, Quebec) Extras casting is being handled by www.montrealextras.com. They charge $40 per year to be a part of their service.

The Walking Dead: (Atlanta, GA.) www.extrascastingatlanta .

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: (Vancouver and New Orleans) – Glorioso Casting, http://www.gloriosocasting.com/BLKGlorioso/register.html

Source: Collider