Rumor has it that Mike Judge is planning to bring Beavis and Butthead out of retirement.

The last time we saw the two high school idiots, they were “doing” America and whoring Judge’s directorial project debut of “Extract,” but it appears as if they’ll be making a big time comeback soon.

Judge is reportedly planning on updating Beavis and Butthead with 30 new episodes for MTV. While no deal has been made with the network, Judge is writing new episodes with the assumption that MTV would pick it up and run the series.

According to insiders, the new episodes would be similar to the original format (sketches with music video commentary) that were made famous in the ’90s. Reports claim that Judge will even keep the same look.

For now, this project is consider a rumor since there’s nothing official coming out of either camps. But if I were a betting man (and I’m not because I’m too poor to gamble), I’d bet that it’d heh-heh happen… Heh-heh.

Source: REVIEWniverse