Vin Diesel is having a pretty good year. He’s got Fast & Furious 6 and his long fought threequel, Riddick is finally making its way to the big screen. Now, just to top it off, Marvel wants a meeting. What does it mean? We don’t know… and apparently neither does he!

Here’s what he had to say. “Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…”

A meeting is far from a movie contract, but the internet is already a buzz with one name they have in mind for Diesel: Thanos! That’s right, fans are putting their money on him being cast as the big bad for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers 2.

If he is going to be Thanos, you can expect that it will be announced at Comic Con this year. While it is the odds on favorite, you have to also keep in mind that there’s like 6 more Marvel films in the offing right now that he could be made a part of.

Source: Collider