THR is reporting that Adult Swim and the creators of Robot Chicken are teaming up to create a whole new stop motion animation project for the network. The goal is to move away from the sketch style comedy of Robot Chicken and more towards an episodic comedy about robots and inter space fighting in the near future. The show, Titan Maximum, is set to air in september and has an order for 9 episodes.

Cast members will include, Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Rachael Leigh Cook, Dan Milano and Eden Espinosa.

“Titan” is set 100 years in the future, when Saturn’s moon Titan is defended by an elite squadron of young, brash pilots whose spaceships combine to form the giant robot Titan Maximum. Because of budget cuts, the team has been disbanded but must hastily reassemble when a former team member turns rogue and tries to conquer the solar system.

“There were always teams of extraordinary young people with the fate of the universe in their hands,” Root said. “In reality, that would end terribly. The last thing you want when giant monsters attack is a bunch of teenagers in charge of defending you. ‘Titan Maximum’ is about what would really happen if a team of idiot kids was in charge of a 6-story-tall robot.”

If this is anything like Robot Chicken (post season 1), expect copious amounts of suck. Or, maybe it will be awesome… but really, its gonna suck.