Not to be totally outdone by yesterday’s announcement about Joss Whedon returning to the Marvel Universe in a deal that will have him write and direct Avengers 2 and help plot the Marvel Filmverse until at least 2015, Warner Bros has let slip today that Ben Affleck is now on the short list of directors who could be named to direct The Justice League. According to some of the sources who are reporting on the story, it looks like one of the only stumbling blocks is that he really wants to be in the cast as well. Word is that he’ll be meeting with Studio Execs tomorrow to see if a deal could be made.

From what we have gathered, the idea is to build a new DC film universe that works in a similar style to the way the Marvel film universe works. The first film in the franchise will be Man of Steel, which features Henry Cavill as Superman. Batman will most likely be rebooted to fit into the new universe. If it isn’t, then we can guess that they’ll take an interesting new route and have Joseph Gordon Levitt don the cape and cowl. Even if they do reboot Batman… can anyone really picture Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? I didn’t think so. So, who does that leave?

Martian Manhunter
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman?

I can’t really see him fitting into any of these roles. Also, This is a big project. I can’t imagine Warner Bros wanting someone who isn’t 100% devoted to directing the film. If even 10% of his energy is spent worrying how he looks on camera, it could completely muck up the entire project.

Source: E!