It all went down at the Berklee College of Music this week, Neil Gaiman, his singer/wife Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash from the band OK Go walked into a studio with one goal in the movie. They wanted to see if they could write and record a complete album in 8 hours. The succeeded and it it actually sounds pretty good.

Palmer says the creation of the 8in8 album, titled Nighty Night, was pretty chaotic: each member would serve as “captain” for a song, while the rest would work up additional bits and pieces (a melody here, a riff there). Gaiman, meanwhile, was primarily responsible for writing the lyrics and passing them onto Palmer, Folds, and Kulash. “We would spend maybe fifteen minutes arranging a song, and then Damien would go program drums, or Ben would work on the piano in the next room, or I would go into the vocal booth,” says Palmer. “But the engineers would put it all together and mix the song without us.

Wow, compare that with the groups who literally take years to put out just a couple of songs.


Source: Spin