Fans hoping for some good news about Ghostbusters 3 just got a bit of a kick to the slimers today when Bill Murray appeared on the Howard Stern Show.

It is really looking like this film will not happen based off the comments that Murray made to Stern on his call in interview yesterday.

When asked about if he’s read the script, this is what he had to say:

“Yeah, I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset and now I’m the problem. There’s a script somewhere over there. Over there there’s a script and I haven’t read it yet. “

A lot of the issues seem to stem from the fact that Ghostbusters 2 did not turn out the way he was hoping and he doesn’t want GB3 to be crap.

“You know, I only made one sequel, “Ghostbusters II,” and it didn’t end up the way it was presented. “

Here’s the the thing though… he might say that he’s only done one sequel and he can blame it on GB2, but maybe that just means he has a mental block on the crapfest that was ‘Garfield: a Tale of Two Kitties’.

He followed up with this…

“Well, I’ll get to it. I gotta get to it. I feel badly. I got a message. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but it’s not the foremost thing in my mind right now, so I don’t think about it. You know what, the studio gets excited about it every 10 years or so or it seems like, and they read it. Because what they’d really like to do is recreate the franchise, you know? I remember once upon a time it was going to be, “And the new Ghostbusters will be Chris Rock, Chris Farley and Chris Crane or Kris Kringle.” Or someone. They had it together. ”

On a side note, in the course of his interview, he mentioned just about everyone in the movies. Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, Annie Potts, Rick Moranis… the only person who doesn’t seem to get any acknowledgment from Murray is one of his fellow Ghostbusters, Ernie Hudson… What’s up with that?

Source: CBM