A while back, we reported that Netflix was set to tackle Green Eggs and Ham in a new animated series on the streaming network. Today we are getting our first look at it. Aside from great source material, the show has solid 2-d Animation and a stellar voice cast in its favor including the talents of Adam DevineMichael Douglas, Ilana GlazerDiane KeatonKeegan-Michael KeyEddie IzzardJeffrey WrightJillian BellJohn TurturroTracy Morgan and Daveed Diggs.

In the end, it’ll be interesting to see how they turn a short story into a series that holds kids’ attention for more than a couple of episodes.

The story you know is just the start. This new adventure is off the charts. Hit the road with a whole new crew. There’s Sam, Guy, and a Chickeraffe too. But how’d we turn this 50-word, Seussian spiel into a 13-episode meal? Our recipe starts “Here” and definitely goes “There.” We added a “Box” full of “Fox”, a “Boat” load of “Goat,” and a “Mouse,” on the “House.” Try it in the “Rain” on a “Train” or go far in your “Car” to find a spot to park and stream it in the “Dark.” Because, in case you were unaware, this show’s miles ahead of “Anywhere!”