Late on Wednesday, it was reported in Variety that Michaela Coel had been tapped to join the cast of Ryan Coogler’s upcoming Black Panther sequel, Wakanda Forever. Unfortunately, no information was given as to who the I May Destroy You actor could be playing. As we all know, in the absence of information, there will always be plenty of rumors to fill the void. In this case, there are three.

  1. There are some sources claiming that Letitia Wright is out as T’Challa’s sister, and potential Heir to the throne, Shuri. It’s hard to imagine Marvel recasting such a major character several weeks into filming of the sequel to a wildly popular film. With that said, They had no problem re-casting War Machine.
  2. Other rumors claim that the film is going for a female villain and they think that Coel could be cast as that character. However, it’s been pretty well known for a while know that Tenoch Huerta has been cast to play Namor The Submariner for the film and some rumors point to a war between Wakanda and Atlantis. It’s possible that she could be a secondary villain, but Marvel isn’t going to want to draw attention away from adding such a major character to MCU canon by bogging it down with other characters.
  3. Storm – There are several sources who claim that Wakanda Forever will be the jumping off point to introduce mutants into the MCU via The X-Men’s Storm. In the comics, the two were married. So, there is a possibility that they could have met and fallen in love off-camera in the film universe as well.

Do you think any of these rumors are true? Which one do you most want to be true?