First GI Joe Retaliation gets pushed back a year because of technical and story issues, now World War Z needs more help than people trying to survive an actual zombie apocalypse. News started to surface yesterday about what a Cluster F%#$ this movie had become. Even with great source material and a cast led by Brad Pitt, the film now looks like it is set up for colossal disaster.

Not only are they hugely over budget (now at close to $170 million), but there are so many problems with the film that now they are done with filming, they’ve had to go and hire Damon Lindelof to come and and do so many re-writes that it will actually take another two months of filming to make it happen.

The Producers and Brad Pitt are blaming the director, Marc Forster. Part of that is true. He went into the film without a clear direction or without even knowing what the zombies would look like at the time of filming. With that said, there have been other problems. Brad Pitt missed all of pre-production because he was working on another film and at one point, the “Hungarian anti-terrorism unit raided an airport warehouse and confiscated 85 fully functional automatic assault rifles that were to be used on the shoot.”

We think the biggest problem was probably starting the project with the stupid idea of making it PG-13. From there on out, it was pretty well screwed as a film. There’s still hope that it will see the light of day. I can’t imagine a world where a studio spends almost $200 million on a Brad Pitt zombie film and doesn’t release it.

Source: THR