In a recent webchat with fans to promote his new film “Limitless,” Bradley Cooper was asked about the possibilities of a sequel to the 2010 “The A-Team.”

According to the actor, while he would love to return for a second installment of the franchise, he has his doubts that it’d happen.

“I loved it too. But unfortunately, outside of you, a few of your friends and myself, there just wasn’t enough revenue to supply a second installment of that franchise.”

“Well, there’s nothing planned at the minute, but the studios certainly aren’t saying no.”

While “The A-Team” wasn’t perfect by any means, it was entertaining and nostalgic in its own way. But as Cooper says, it really all depends on the studio. The first film made $77 million and about $100 million internationally. Its budget exceeded $110 million leaving a slim profit margin and a rather disappointing summer blockbuster.

If somehow the studio could trim the budget (and not blow up their iconic van), there’s a chance a sequel may happen. But until then, Cooper isn’t holding his breath and neither should you.