Deadline has just reported two major bits of news. First, Disney just bought Lucasfilm for just over four billion dollars.

Next: Disney has just officially announced that Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for a 2015 release!!!

Here is the quote from Bob Iger:

“Lucasfilm reflects the extraordinary passion, vision, and storytelling of its founder, George Lucas,” said Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger in a release announcing the deal. “This transaction combines a world-class portfolio of content including Star Wars, one of the greatest family entertainment franchises of all time, with Disney’s unique and unparalleled creativity across multiple platforms, businesses, and markets to generate sustained growth and drive significant long-term value.”

According to Deadline, the deal is going to be half in cash and half in stock. The big winner here is Lucas, who is the 100% owner of Lucasfilm… or at least he was until a couple minutes ago.

First Marvel and Now Star Wars… the good news is, look what Disney did for Marvel Films. Maybe they can bring Star Wars films back to their glory too!

Source: Deadline