An online petition has been established by fans of “Legend of the Seeker” star Bridget Regan in hopes that she can go head-to-head with Beyonce and Jessica Biel (and maybe even Megan Fox) for the role of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman.

“We feel that [Bridget Regan] has all the right qualities to give justice to the character of Wonder Woman,” reads the online petition at PetitionSpot. “All we are asking is to at least give Bridget Regan a screen test to see if she fits the necessary requirements to fulfill the role of Wonder Woman.”

The statement, addressed to Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Disney ABC has recently just begun and garnered just a little over a hundred signatures. If you would like to see Bridget Regan auditioning/screen testing for DC’s premier super-heroine, make sure you sign the petition here.

Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman” is still in pre-planning stages and has no current release date.

Source: MTVsplash